POSTER - INA TIME - Mandatory TB Notification in private sector using WIFI TB in Tulungagung district, East Java Provin

  • TB notifications is mandatory (the MoH 67/2016 Regulation), however underreporting level is high, 41% (Inventory Study, 2017).
  • The highest missing cases were found in private health facilities (71%).
  • Private health facilities have limited resources to report TB cases. Thus, in the framework of District-based Public Private Mix (DPPM).
  • We implemented a smartphone application, namely WiFi TB to enable easier TB notifications for GPs/Clinics
Pengguna : Petugas Kesehatan
Topik : Riset Operasional, Public-Private Mix (PPM), Lainnya
Tipe : Reports
Format : Teks
Tahun : 2019