POSTER - INA TIME - Health network mapping toward evidence-based planning in TB Control: results of a pilot in the capital city of Indonesia


As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is a home for more than 8 million people. Studies showed greater risk of contracting TB in urban area (NPS 2014). The Provincial Health Office has developed Urban TB Control roadmap for TB Free Cities that synergistic with District Action Plan to mobilize district resources. Health network mapping using Geographical Information System (GIS) is needed for evidence-based planning of TB control in urban setting. The mapping of health care providers and support networks, with the referral patterns within the providers will show which facilities and groups of providers should be prioritized for their contribution to diagnosis, notification and treatment of TB. Under the District Public Private Mix (DPPM) approach, the District Health Office (DHO) PPM team lead the engagement of all providers. Therefore, Yayasan KNCV Indonesia, supported by Challenge TB (CTB) project,
aims to develop a simple, locally applicable method for DHOs to identify hotspots, while Puskesmas (primary health center) TB teams aims to map health care providers, community support and referral networks in their catchment area. This study described the method to map referral network from primary private health care providers (ie. GPs, Clinics, Pharmacies, Laboratories, etc) to primary or secondary health care providers as part of District Public-Private Mix (DPPM) approach.

Pengguna : Petugas Kesehatan
Topik : Riset Operasional, Public-Private Mix (PPM), Lainnya
Tipe : Reports
Format : Teks
Tahun : 2019