Poster - Community Advocate to Increase Local Funding Allocation for TB Control


TB services and care are largely funded through National Health Insurance System (NHIS - JKN) coverage, however mainly focus on facility based treatment. In primary care setting, NHIS-JKN provide funding for operational support and promotion and prevention. Those being channeled as capitation payment through public health center (puskesmas). Guidance on use of this fund is general, the utilization of capitation funding more on service site and less attention to community activities. In the decentralized Indonesian setting, district action plan (DAP) for TB control program is essential as tool for TB programmer at district level to advocate and guide priority during the district budgeting cycle Learning from CSO activities related to governance, engagement of CSOs in district planning process show good result in ensuring commitment from local government to community-centered approach.

Pengguna : Petugas Kesehatan, Publik
Topik : Komunikasi Advokasi dan Mobilisasi Sosial (AKMS), Riset Operasional, Lainnya
Tipe : Tools
Format : Teks
Tahun : 2018